sourced locally.

We source from local farmers. The vast majority of our meats come from Ayshire Farm of Upperville, Virginia and Liberty Farms of Northern Baltimore County, Maryland.  All animals are locally raised in free-range and humane conditions.  We genuinely believe that the quality of the meat we utilize in our dumplings is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of the dumpling itself, and our customers also realize the difference. 

Some of our partners.

Ayshire Farm

Upperville, Virginia

Ayrshire’s mission today is to bring livestock and crop production to both self-sufficiency and profitability. Additionally, there is a commitment to achieving these goals using Certified Humane®, organic, sustainable farming methods, preserving genetically viable herds of the various rare breeds, and contributing to seed pools for heirloom plants. The soil is being constantly amended with cover crops and compost from the three-acre compost facility. As a part of their training, the Ayrshire Shires help in the constant task of soil improvement, keeping the skills of horse-powered farming alive.

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Liberty Farms

Baltimore, Maryland

Liberty Delight Farms is a family owned and operated All Natural Meat producer in Reisterstown, MD. Our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, excellence in animal husbandry, complimented with traditional hard working values and ethics ensures you the finest quality of All Natural Meats.  Today more than ever the source of your food matters. All crops are grown on the farm or sourced by verifiable local farmers meeting or exceeding our same growing practices.

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Other Partners