The Dumpling.

Our dumplings run the gamut from a base set of traditional recipes, utilizing classic and time tested meat and vegetable combinations, to bolder flavors packed with exotic yet authentically crafted spices and ingredients. Pinch's ever dynamic menu will feature traditional pork dumplings as well as various combinations of lamb, beef, crab and vegetable dumplings throughout the year.  Special seasonal dumplings such as pumpkin in the fall and squash in the summer will be a part of our rotation.  Pinch has more than 20+ dumpling recipes that we believe will reshape the landscape of Chinese food forever in America. 

Vegetarian & Vegan Dumpling.

Contrary to popular belief, vegetarian and vegan foods are a staple of Chinese cuisines.  For the vast majority of Chinese history, most people lived as peasants and were rarely able to afford meat. Chinese cooks’ use of tofu and meat substitutes range back much further than today’s vegan / vegetarian fads. Pinch is ready and willing to carry the torch in this regard by always having a vegetarian / vegan option on our menu every day we are open. We believe it not only serves our customers well, but shares the well seasoned and delicately created vegan and vegetarian options that Chinese people have enjoyed for decades.