Executive Chef Rebecca Ying Lee

The core of every great kitchen starts with a great cook and ours is Rebecca Lee.  Born and raised in China, her expertise evolved not because of luxury but through necessity as her mother’s right hand woman. Working with limited means without refrigeration to feed her family of nine, she mastered the art of pleasing multiple palates with whatever was available. In Chinese culture, there is a difference between memorizing a recipe and mastering a recipe. To truly master it, one has to make do with what is available, whether it be limited kitchen space, few ingredients or modern conveniences. Of the dishes that her mom passed down to her, the most sought after is her mother’s dumpling recipe.


Traditional dumplings take a skill and precision that not many people can master, but Rebecca is truly a master of that art. A high level of creativity is needed to make the most of seasonally available ingredients. Precision is a must when it comes to pinching the dumpling; an erroneous pinch can doom an entire batch. Measuring cups and cookbooks are not the norm in Rebecca’s kitchen. Perfection with dumpling making comes from a combination of tradition and skill. Rebecca’s recipes and techniques have been passed down for nearly three generations. All of these techniques and concepts are traditions that she can do with minimal effort and maximum efficiency while still being innovative and modern with ever evolving flavors.

Over the years, Rebecca’s friends and family have enjoyed her dumpling recipes. They are always the hit of any event they are served at and always the first dish to be emptied. The chef that had to share communal kitchen time now has the tools and resources to bring some of China’s most traditional techniques to America. Under Rebecca’s leadership, Pinch strives to share these time-honored recipes with you and your family.