What Is Pinch?

Pinch, at its soul, is an open invitation to our family's kitchen table.  Diners have come to expect the same uninspired,  predictable pork meatballs offering no variety yet suffering a complete lack of traditionalism and respect for their origins. We at Pinch plan to break that conception completely and redefine the dumpling itself. By combining more than three generations of traditional Northern Chinese dumpling recipes with the freshest locally sourced and organic ingredients, we fundamentally believe we can change the way Americans eat dumplings. We want to show how

these morsels of meat and dough can be so much more than the sum of their parts.

What ultimately sets Pinch apart from every other Chinese food purveyor is our single minded focus on the dumpling. Our inspiration and product come from the time-tested recipes developed by one of our owners’ family for more than half a century, and we are ready to share them with the world. Our commitment to hand crafting every dumpling, from filling the wrapper to pinching them closed, distinguishes us from all others.